Viviva Sketchbooks are portable, high-quality and are perfect for watercolours. Bound in vegan faux-leather they lie fully flat, allowing you to create incredible double-page spread paintings. Choose between 2 paper choices in 2 sizes.

  • 100% Cotton cold-pressed 300gsm paper
    • Cream coloured & rough textured
    • Unique texture and pattern
  • Lessebo Design Paper with a 240gsm thickness.
    • Ivory in colour with a smooth texture
    • Wood-free and chlorine-free

Viviva Colorsheets

These small packs of vibrant watercolour sheets are perfect for travel. Great for stress relief, spontaneous creation, or just getting lost in your own imagination.


These watercolour sheets are the perfect portable paints for whenever and wherever inspiration strikes. Measuring in at 13.5cm x 7cm, with an inbuilt re-usable Mixing Palette in each set.

Vibrant Colours

Each set contains 16 ultra-pigmented watercolours which - despite their transparency - are so rich and vibrant, you'll swear they're alive!

Mess-Free & Stress-Free

Designed for a mess-free & stress-free painting experience, water-resistant sheets separate each page to ensure that colours don't bleed into each-other, and won't cause a puddle in your pocket. Super fun & easy to use!

Biodegradable & Non-Toxic

Lightweight, lightfast and 100% biodegradable, Viviva products are great for the planet and your painting!

Easy-Sketchbook & Mirror

Sketch like a pro with the Viviva Easy-Sketchbook. Set up an image on your phone, tablet or printed paper on one side, and look through the specially designed sketching mirror to see your image reflected in reverse on your empty page! Trace and copy with absolute freedom no-matter your skill level on 32 sheets of high-quality A5 240gsm paper.

Easy to use

Create perfect sketches as if by magic with absolute freedom, no-matter your skill-level. Perfect for beginners, the Easy Sketchbook & Mirror makes creating incredible art accessible for everyone!

High Quality

With 32 sheets of smooth-grain 240gsm paper, there's no need to sacrifice quality for easy-of-use with the included A5 sketchbook.