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Elephant #49

Elephant #49

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Laid out in twelve thematic sections, Issue 49 of Elephant Magazine presents the most exciting artists working today, captured through their own lens. The publication is presented in one 500-page mega-edition for 2024 and includes conversations exploring art history, theory, and creative practice, along with a broad selection of photography and original artwork. 

The theme of this issue is dedicated to transformation and artists who embody this concept. And, of course, transformation is a particularly fitting theme for this issue, which celebrates a new era for Elephant Magazine under new editorship with Tschabalala Self at its helm. 

“Transformation is understood as a thorough or dramatic change, a metamorphosis of sorts—a shift from one state into another. Change, whether subtle or bold, in all of its beauty and chaos, is the most consistent element in life and key to any meaningful art practice. We have chosen to honor those who accept change’s entropic nature and harness its power in Issue 49 of Elephant Magazine.” 

    Issue 49 of Elephant Magazine was created by Editor-in-Chief Tschabalala Self, Associate Editor Emily Burke and Zak Group.

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