Shannon Cartier Lucy

Woman with Strings


Shanon Lucy Cartier
Signed Limited Edition of 50
Archival Pigment Print
54.61 x 43.9cm

Slightly surreal, totally uncanny, Shannon Cartier Lucy’s paintings present private scenes influenced in part by her upbringing in strange environments. Painting in a traditional, figurative style, Lucy injects intense moments of emotional resonance with the slightest compositional anomalies. From a fishbowl on a stove, to a woman lying in bed encased under aplastic furniture slipcover, moments of danger and uncertainty are constants in her work, made routine in the world she’s crafting. Raised by a schizophrenic parent, Lucy states in her writing about these paintings that, “It was customary in my home to find a toaster in the freezer or The Holy Bible in the dishwasher.” While many of her figures are rendered with their faces obscured, cropped, or facing away, this portrait looks towards you, and you’re left deciphering if the woman is crying, as her hands graze a bouquet of pink tulips hanging upside down above her. Lucy received a BFA from NYU and is based in Nashville. Her January solo show with Lubov marks the return of her work to New York after two decades away.

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