Winsor & Newton Promarker Brush 12+1 Neutral Tones


The Promarker Brush set of 12 Greys offers two Blacks as well as the full, five-strong spectrums of Warm Grey and Cool Grey. Graduate the grey tones and smooth any felt marks with the free colourless Blender; or use your Promarker Brush on top of a layer of Blender to keep the ink wetter and more malleable for longer. As with all Promarker Brush sets, our 12 Greys were specifically curated to complement each other and broaden your colour collection. As with all Promarker sets, it has been specifically curated to provide illustrators and artists with beautiful tones, every day.

  • Expert, versatile, the Winsor & Newton Promarker is a must-have, professional quality addition to your marker collection. 
  • Blend-friendly, with malleable, alcohol-based, translucent ink,.
  • Twin-tipped, with a broad chisel nib and fine bullet nib. 
  • High quality nibs for consistent, streak-free coverage.
  • Skilfully versatile: it can be used on ink-resistant surfaces like acetate, glass, plastic and wood

*Please note, you may receive either the new or the current Promarker packaging.

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