Species Migration


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Signed Limited Edition Archival Giclee Print by Makoto Oono
297 x 420 mm
Edition of 50

Based in Tokyo, Japanese artist and photographer Makoto Oono specialises in dazzling, close-up still-life photographs that beguile and confuse the viewer.Oono’s ongoing projects are inspired by his travels across Asia and his fascination for local produce and species. In this exclusive print for Elephant Kiosk, titled Species Migration, he combines bulbs, jewel fish and strawberries bought in a Hong Kong market in 2020. They are juxtaposed with the artificial objects found in his hotel room (a safe, a comb) creating a new kind of visual vernacular for the contemporary city. The artist describes the work as a “quiet expression of the never-ending journey of these tiny creatures as they trade in life and genetic improvement.”

This limited edition print comes in a bespoke ribbon folio.

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