Reeves Oil Paint, Complete Set – 29 Pieces

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Everything you need to create, straight out of the box. Compiled by masters of the medium, these full sets have been lovingly curated to ignite the creative spark with oil and all the tools you need for instant creativity.

  • Comprehensive range of colours
  • Slow-drying allowing on-canvas binding
  • Infinitely versatile oils are marvellously mixable
  • Excellent working properties
  • Great for different styles and techniques

Set includes 12 oil pastels, 6 oil tubes in 10ml, 3 brushes, 3 paint boards, 1 sketching pencil, 1 eraser, 1 sharpener, 1 mixing palette, 1 painting knife

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Weight 0.21 kg
Dimensions 1.8 × 23 × 15 cm


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