Reeves Art Box


Start your creative journey today with this exclusive bundle of products from Reeves, a British brand that has been inspiring artists for over 250 years but has a contemporary approach to art making.

This practical artist’s set, suitable for all levels, includes everything you need to create your next masterpiece. Equipped with paints of all varieties, pencils, brushes and so much more, it’s the perfect set or gift for anyone who loves being creative. No more searching around for this or that—trust us, it’s all here.

Our art bundle includes oil paint, an acrylic set, gouache, watercolour, sketching pencils, coloured pencils, soft pastels, acrylic and oil paint brushes, a folding paint palette, a scraperfoil, and a paint by numbers set. It’s incredible value and comes to you carefully hand packed by our expert team.

Elephant Kiosk is the exclusive UK distributor of the Reeves range.

Our Reeves art set includes:
• Reeves Oil Paint (29-piece)
• Reeves Acrylic set (12 x 10ml)
• Reeves Gouache set (12 x 10ml)
• Reeves Watercolour Paint, Brush and Tube Set (6-piece)
• Reeves Sketching Pencils (12 pack)
• Reeves Coloured Pencils (36 pack)
• Reeves Soft Pastels Tin Set (9-piece)
• Reeves Acrylic Paint Brushes (10 pack)
• Reeves Oil Paint Brushes with Long Handles (4 pack)
• Reeves Large Folding Paint Palette
• Reeves Scraperfoil Animal
• Reeves Dolphin Paint by Numbers

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