Lefranc Bourgeois Matt Varnish Acrylic 250ml Bottle


Lefranc Bourgeois Acrylic Additive Final Liquid Matt Varnish 250ml

  • Protect your acrylic and Flashe art with our Acrylic Additive Final Liquid Matt Varnish
  • This protective final varnish is transparent with a matt finish that reduces glare and gloss
  • Easily applied with a soft brush, it protects your art while transforming the finish
  • Final varnish for acrylic and vinyl colours
  • Reduces reflections
  • Apply evenly with a soft brush and mix well before use
  • Can be diluted with water up to 20%. Pro mm Material thickness it is not the time of order
  • Enhance and protect your acrylic art with our gloss & matt Final Liquid Varnish, designed to protect and add a final finish to your acrylic & vinyl art


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