Lefranc Bourgeois Flashe Vinyl Raw Sienna 80ml


Lefranc & Bourgeois Flashe are a range of vinyl emulsion paints that offer flat matt coverage on a wide variety of surfaces.

First developed in the 1950s, Flashe’s adhesion properties allows the artist to work indoors or out on canvas, paper, walls, glass, wood, with brushes, paint guns, or sponges. Vinyl emulsions are similar to acrylic emulsions, however, vinyl emulsion paints have a very consistent matt film which is very popular with abstract artists, among others. Flashe is suited to traditional painting surfaces and also offers good adherence and resistance to weather, making it ideal for fresco and wall painting, faux finishes, theatre decorations, and more.

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Flashe is much more than a matt acrylic paint. It liberates pigment intensity and luminosity in matt colours. The painter can then create and express themselves without being constrained by colour, space or time, finding joy in painting and spontaneity in their movements.