Lefranc Bourgeois Acrylic Additive Multi Effect Binder Gel 1L


With so many uses, this acrylic binder gel is an essential item for painters, sculptors and model makers. Mix it with acrylic paint to maximise coverage or with marble powder to create structures or a hard coating. Or use it on its own as a strong adhesive or textile hardener. Easily applied with a paintbrush or painting knife.

  • Fast drying – touch dry in 15 minutes, fully dry in 1 hour (if applied at 2mm thickness)
  • Can be diluted with 70% water to create a primer for use on porous surfaces
  • Translucent and non-yellowing
  • Covers a surface area of 6 m² per litre (undiluted)
  • Produced in France
  • In stock

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