Elephant Vibrant Acrylic Artist Paint Set, 21ml tubes set of 10


You shouldn’t have to choose between caring about the world around you and the products you use.

That’s why Elephant has created a new range of sustainably packaged paint sets that eliminate single-use plastic (the only bit we’ve not yet fixed is the lid and we’re working on that) and have been designed with the environment in mind.

Our Elephant Vibrant Acrylic Paint set is beautiful to use and offers great quality at an affordable price, using plastic-free recyclable packaging. It’s the perfect palette for every skill level, from professional artists to beginners using paint for the first time.

  • Plastic-free packaging with all outer packaging eliminated – our letterbox friendly set is FSC certified and fully recyclable
  • Elephant offers a free return scheme for responsible disposal of aluminium tubes and the lids
  • Squeezable aluminium tubes – easy to control without making a mess or using too much paint
  • Easy to use – quick-drying, making it incredibly simple to blend, layer and mix colours
  • Safe and non-toxic – suitable for use by all ages in all settings
  • Quality paint in a range of vibrant colours – lightfast with a satin finish
  • Versatile and perfect for experimentation – the paints in this set can be used on a variety of surfaces, including canvas, paper, wood and fabric, making it perfect for practically every project
  • Includes 10x21ml zesty colours: Orange, Medium Magenta, Light Purple, Aqua Green, White, Black, Light Yellow, Bright Red, Light Blue, Light Green

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