Elephant #9

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We discover what happens when historical craft meets modernity, as the tradition of embroidery finds a place in contemporary art.

Lauren DiCocco says she feels ‘part of a community’ because of her medium, while Melissa Zexters says it allows her to adjust photos and memories. We discover the two views of Zurich: that it is not typical of Switzerland, and that Switzerland is not typical of Zurich. To investigate, we trekked to the Kreis 5 and Kreis 4 districts – areas that could have been conceived by Dada. From Elodie Pong to Ante Timmermans, we (literally) hunted down the city’s most intriguing artists.

We also pit-stopped in China to speak with Chen Nong (whose art is a self-proclaimed ‘carnival’) and at East London studio APFEL, which is striving to stay small.

Meanwhile, analogue meets the modern day at Viktor Timofeev’s Manhattan office. Finally, we made our way to Chris Burden’s Tpoanga Canyon studio, where he reflects on the 1970s, performance and daring to break the law.

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