Elephant #44 – Art and Optimism in Cataclysmic Times

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In our autumn 2020 issue, we speak with numerous artists about their experiences of optimism, utopia and euphoria, and delve into the mindset that is required simply to create in the first place. We meet four artists and one collective who explore optimism and pessimism directly within their practices, often blurring the line between the two.

Dystopian times often call for escape, whether into the mind, the studio or the nightclub. In Artmix, artists Lina Iris Viktor (whose artwork Fourth features on the cover), Tai ShaniHaroon MirzaSam GilliamSeana Gavin and Mike Perry share their experiences of euphoria, and the impact this has had on their work. They tell personal tales of studio epiphanies, drug taking, and moments spent in nature.We also feature in-depth Encounter interviews with Erwin Wurm, Tavares Strachan, María Berrío, Phyllida Barlow and Duggie Fields, and share the portfolios of Derek Fordjour and Denisse Ariana Perez in our Paper Galleries.

It could be argued that all creative acts require the belief that things can get better. If not, what’s the point? As Barbara Walker says, “To be an artist, to create in times and moments of adversity, is, I believe, to be optimistic.

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