Elephant #4

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No city has had such an impact on modern art as Paris and we visit the birth place of modernism and talk to the visual artists who are reinventing the City of Light. Elephant #4 features candid, provocative and in-depth interviews with luminaries past and future, such as the father of conceptual art now turned architect Vito Acconci and seminal illustrator Jeffrey Fischer, alonside the visual experiments of Supermundane, Soo Kim, Bruno Kurru, Sean Mackaoui and rarely shown (or written about) work by graphic-designer Ena Cardenal de la Nuez. Not to mention Rick Poynor’s return to art in Where Is Art Now.

In an essay on Baudelaire, Walter Benjamin imagines works of art as keys cut with no particular lock in mind. Future users will one day find that these keys can open new doors, doors which were unknown, unimagined and even unimaginable to the original makers. Most of the artists in this issue are in possession of at least one such key. Elephant #4 looks at how contemporary artists are drawing from the art of the past in order to create the art of the future.

Oh, yes, last but not least, an amazing collection of ‘Do Not Disturb’ signs, vintage and modern, strange, funny, fascinating.

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