Elephant #27

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Could our food, sartorial, satirical and political choices now all be considered as brand alliances? Most importantly, do we secretly really love the idea of being defined in this way?

In Issue 27 Elephant investigates the paradoxical relationship that a host of the art world’s new generation of makers have with brands. We meet Chloe Wise, Antonio Roberts, Jemma Egan, Holly White and Rachel Maclean to discuss the changing face of branding and the rise of subliminal messaging.
Robert Urquhart takes a look behind the scenes and mourns the loss of the ‘mad men’, Don Draper ousted by the fluffy ‘content’ crew, entirely incompatible with the new world of sponsored branded experiences and ‘latent marketing gurus’. Who now runs the branded universe? Where is their creativity? And what, pray tell, is their USP?
We also consider the posthumous development of branded identity for art’s 20th century giants; Fisun Güner discusses the most famous Pablo of all (Picasso, baby); including the cars, pizzas and bad music that he has unintentionally spawned. Charlotte Jansen tackles the make-up of another famous face, asking: ‘Monobrow. Who’s the first person that comes to mind when you hear that word?’
Issue 27 features encounters with KAWS, Jack Pierson, Goshka Macuga, Matt Pyke, Simon Starling and Torbjørn Rødland.

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