Elephant #26


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‘How has Silicon Valley and, more widely, technology shaped contemporary art?

This issue of Elephant hits this question head on, talking with artists such as Petra Cortright, Brett Wickens, Mark Venezky and more, about the utilization and subversion of technology within their work and the ways in which emotion can be felt in the era of digital art.

Claire Shea talks with a new breed of contemporary ceramic artist who are throwing out traditional tools and forging a fresh path for the medium in ‘Research’, while Charlotte Jansen explores art for post-capitalists.

We also feature ‘Encounters’ with Michael Wolf, Christoph Niemann, Chris Martin, Bernard Frize, Susan Hiller, Helen Marten and Theaster Gates, and meet those on the rise in ‘New Establishment’; Firelei Báez, Luke Butler, Emily Mae Smith, Nicholas Hatfull, Chris Hood and Caroline Mesquita.

‘Paper Gallery’ presents Isa Melsheimer’s exclusive commissioned paintings of brutalist landscapes alongside the colour-blocked drawings of Aaron Kasmin.

‘Show of The Times’ focuses on the extensive career of the art world’s enfant terrible, David Hammons.

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