Elephant #16


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Elephant offers you first dibs on what to expect at the annual Frieze London, and speaks to an eclectic range of artists across the world.

Frank Laws tells us why social housing in London is such a major inspiration behind his work; and Jina Park explains how she zooms in on the mysterious processes of daily life through her paintings.

Nicola Bozzi plunges behind the computer screen and speaks to the founders of the video art website Vdrome while elsewhere, Andrew Spyrou investigates the work of the Urban Interruptionists and their impact on the landscape around them. This issue’s studio visits see the celebrated film poster designer Hans Hillmann reminiscing about his experiences in the cinema, while Adriana Varejão discusses the transformation of cultural identity in her practice. Katya Tylevich leaps into the Los Angeles art scene as Robert Yarber dishes up a deliciously psychedelic journal piece on his life.

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