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Drawing is being transformed from ‘a means to an end’ to ‘an end in itself,’ as artists shift lines away from their sketchbooks and move them onto an epic scale. The notion of the heroic painter mutates into that of the dauntless draftsman (not exclusively male). Meanwhile, Stan Douglas revisits key turns in the history of photography, questioning the notion a ‘good’ photograph and what it should do.

Sculptor Ximena Garrido-Lecca returns to her native Latin America, exploring the politics of advertising and contemporary culture and they mix with traditional beliefs.

We visit San Francisco to uncover how the city’s atmosphere creates a unique, spontaneous art scene. Chip Lord remembers the birth of conceptual art on the West Coast, Barry McGee applies nostalgia to graffiti and Mark Pauline (Survival Research Laboratory) fights the fire fighters. Mike Davis moves from paintings to tattoos and back to paintings, while Todd Hido roams through suburban streets at night. We also feature exclusive new work (and a soulful interview) by Richard Misrach.

In London, Designers Graphic Thought Facility talk about the language of art catalogues. Finally, if you thought you were going to get something straight-forward out of Lawrence Weiner then think again: in a highly entertaining interview the seminal artist puts everything we take for granted about art into question.

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